Connecticut Real Estate Attorney advising Buyers and Sellers:

Real Estate Attorney Christopher Greenwood has been representing Buyers and Sellers in Residential and Commercial real estate transactions throughout Fairfield County for over 30 years.  Attorney Greenwood has been the attorney for The Greater Bridgeport Board of REALTORS for over 20 years.  He has taught Real Estate brokers and agents Principal and Practices classes and Continuing Education classes throughout the state for many years.

The purchase of a commercial property or a residential home involves a variety of financial and legal considerations. Based in Trumbull, Connecticut real estate and Elder Law attorney Christopher Greenwood represents businesses and developers in all aspects of commercial property transactions, as well as advising individuals engaged in the home buying or selling process. 

As we age, many SENIORS wish to protect or preserve their assets, including their homes, for their family.  Unless they are practically destitute or impoverished, these SENIORS do not qualify for TITLE XIX or MEDICAID to cover the cost of long term care, at home, in a nursing home or assisted living facility.  As a TITLE XIX or MEDICAID and ESTATE PLANNING attorney, Attorney Greenwood can help protect and preserve your home and assets for both you and your family, while you still qualify for TITLE XIX or MEDICAID benefits.  If you are a SENIOR, before buying, selling or otherwise transferring your property you should speak with Elder Law Attorney Christopher Greenwood to insure your purchase or transfer is handled properly, in order to still qualify for MEDICAID -TITLE 19 benefits.

Legal Representation in Commercial Real Estate Transactions: 

Commercial real estate transactions include a broad range of activities involving the transfer, development, and use of property. . These transactions typically involve sophisticated contracts. The Purchase and Sale Agreement for a commercial real estate property may be especially complicated, since it specifies all of the terms of the transaction possibly including zoning and wetland applications, financing contingencies, and default liabilities. When involved in a commercial real estate transaction, the parties should enlist the services of an attorney.  Attorney Greenwood can represent corporations and other entities in the purchase, sale, or lease of a commercial property.

Guidance in Residential Real Estate Matters:  

Whether you are a purchaser or a seller of residential property in Connecticut, these transactions typically require executing a number of legal documents. The Purchase and Sale Agreement is the primary document governing the parties rights and obligations. As the attorney for the Greater Bridgeport Board of REALTORS, Attorney Christopher Greenwood has prepared and drafted several of the Purchase and Sales Agreements and various other legal forms used by Realtors thoughout Fairfield County and Connecticut.  As an   experienced real estate attorney he can negotiate the terms of t,he Purchase and Sales Agreement,  as well as explain important provisions regarding the client's liability under it before signing it. When signing a binder as a Buyer, make sure it is subject to a formal Purchase and Sale Agreement so that you do not commit yourself without the advice of counsel.  A real estate attorney will also assist a homebuyer in securing title insurance which lender require today to verify clear title from the seller, that there are no outstanding liens on the property, identify any easements, restrictions, or encumbrances, and otherwise ensure that the title is not encumbered. When representing a seller, on the other hand, an attorney can work to clear any title issues or property restrictions, review legal documents like the purchase and sale agreement, and generally protect the seller's interests in the transaction.

Explore Your Options with an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Connecticut: 

At The Law Office of Christopher Greenwood our Connecticut real estate attorney can facilitate property transactions and offer tailored solutions to further your specific goals.  To arrange a consultation with a real estate lawyer, call ATTORNEY CHRISTOPHER GREENWOOD at  203-375-4040 or contact us online..